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Bet You Online Mission Statement

Hello and welcome to betyouonline.  This website serves as a free tool to create, manage, and record all wagers and competitive challenges that you make with your friends.  It will serve not only as a "virtual handshake" but also as a means of detailing any friendly bets or competitive challenges you make with your network of friends.  Whether you are creating individual fantasy football bets, a weight loss challenge among friends, or documenting a challenge for your child to get Straight A’s, you will be able to detail out the specifics of your wagers or challenges.  This website will allow you to also keep track of all of your bets or challenges so that a healthy bragging record can be kept.  A point system has been installed to help weigh the challenges. Now your claim to be the smartest and keenest of your group has a place!! Best of all, IT IS FREE

Please visit the HELP screen (Link at bottom of page) to see how to create a Challenge.

So, the next time your friend says "I will bet you ..." you say  "bet you online" and keep your friend honest so that no one can say:

1.      That's not what we bet

2.      We never agreed on that

3.      We said it would end this month not that month

4.       I never accepted

Once again, welcome and I hope you enjoy.  Please feel free to email us comments or recommendations if you find anything difficult to create or problematic in use.

Sincerely, Management